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Activities on Koh Samui

Ground, Sea, Air

Koh Samui and the surrounding islands offer excellent opportunities for adrenaline-junkies

to burn off stress in the fresh air and clear waters. 


Active watersport enthusiast? Or simply enjoy beach walking? Like exploring waterfalls? Keen to learn something new like Thai boxing or windsurfing? 


On Samui, you can find all sorts of ways to be active. 


You can ask to your Hotel lobby, travel agent, or rely on Bangkok Airways /GET YOUR GUIDE partnership

to find the reliable solution which suits your needs.

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Meet the corals

This is really an activity you can do in any kind of Samui archipelago islands.

And it is free!

Get your lungs oxygenated and breathe the pure iodized air of the sea...

and dive.

Cooking Class

On the Beach

Thai people love sharing their knowledge, so that learning to cook is a

playful and delicious experience.

Most of the resorts offers Thai Cooking class experience.

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Get amazed by the windsurfing skills of hotels beach boys who will

take you on a journey full of water and wind.

Ask to your lobby.


for rent

Right on any beach, you can find paddle boards ready

to be hired.

Not expensive, a lot of fun, being solar shade cream.

Book your board here.

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Horse riding

in the sunset

Ride into the sunset on Samui’s quiet and amazing south coast.


With views of the neighboring islands of Koh Matsum and Koh Tan and the distant mainland, this scenic beach, fringed by rocks and reefs, is relaxant and peaceful.

Wat Plai Laem

Near Bang Rak

In every island community, Koh Samui’s Buddhist 

temples serve both as tranquil refuges and busy

community hubs.

Like the majestic Plai Laem Temple which certainly deserves a visit.

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at any Resort & Spa

Beach yoga may make you feel like you’re on vacation, and it has plenty of health benefits too.

Taking your practice to the beach can help you challenge yourself, protect your body, deepen your poses, feel better about life and even recover faster. 


Thai Boxe

Enjoy self defense

Muay Thai, characterised

by lightning-fast high 

kicks, is known as a tough martial art. If you’d like to

try at this ancient sport, enquire at your hotel’s

activity desk regarding private lessons. 


Junk Tour


It’s a great day out to explore Samui archipelago.

So many choices - join a dive group, take a tour boat, or sign up for a day sail.

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Overlap Stone

Above Lamai Beach

Samui is mostly composed of granitic rocks, but few are as dramatic as the stunning Overlap Stone, on the hill above Lamai.

It is a must to visit.

Pizza Kids

Anywhere available

Some resorts organize specific activities for kids, for their enjoinment and also to give to their parents - as someone say - few hours of romantic solitude.

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Guan Yu temple

Hua Thanon, Lamai.

Guan Yu Chinese temple

Samui’s temple is dedicated to Guan Gong.

Many people bring offerings in his honour on auspicious occasions. He is often portrayed in paintings 

sitting in a chair, with a long beard and a stern and awe-inspiring expression on his red face.

Big Buddha

Wat Pra Yai

On the northern coast of Koh Samui is the famous 

golden Big Buddha, visible from several kilometre

away. In the surrounding temples are many shrines

and smaller Buddha images. There is also a market

with a wide range of lucky charms and other religious

souvenirs, alongside numerous food stalls.

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